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A Device that can change the way you do business. A box so advanced that thousands of customers have expressed interest. Imagine connecting any output device, having more color control than you have now, and being able to transfer that information to your press. Saving on press time, reruns, not to mention ink, doing all this and being in control of your job from beginning to end without leaving your desk. We have combined the power of the Tucanna workflow and new Approval system with Krause imposition, Lucid Dreams Trapping and One Bit Tiff Converter, EFI extreme printer control and our Newly patented UNIBOX technology. Alwan Color Managemet, Digital Informations INKZONE  along with other options are also available. Now, imagine doing this for a third of the price that you are used to paying. Call or email now for a demo to see how the UNIBOX can change your business and your life. This is truly an Apogee, Rampage and Truflow killer.

Introducing the UNIBOX Patented

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